About Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann

Engineering office for planning and testing structural and engineering structures as well as foundation structures for offshore wind turbines



Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH is an engineering office with over 60 years of history. It is active in preparing and examining structural plans in buildings, civil structures, offshore structures, property planning, and structural supervision.

While the areas of construction and civil engineering have been represented since the beginning, the field of renewable energies, especially offshore wind energy, was introduced by Dr Lüddecke, who joined the company in 2014. 

With over 70 engineers and other employees, the engineering office is well-positioned for various tasks, from the first drafts to the initiation, engineering, construction, and then supervision. 



Horst-Ulrich Ordemann

Managing partner of Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH. A structural engineering graduate approved as an inspection engineer (steel and concrete constructions) and an EBA inspector for railway bridges. He has been active in civil engineering since 1980.

Full vita

Mr Ordemann completed his civil engineering studies with a specialization in structural engineering at the TU Braunschweig in 1980 with a diploma. He then worked for the construction company Dyckerhoff + Widmann AG in the technical office, in the calculation department and construction management until 1987. Then Mr Ordemann moved to the engineering office Jörss + Blunck and became a partner in 1990. In 1993, Mr Ordemann was approved as an inspection engineer in concrete and steel construction. In 1995 he was then approved as an inspection engineer for structural and bridge construction at the Federal Railway Authority. In 2001, he was appointed state-approved expert for structural testing tasks. Mr Ordemann works voluntarily in the Chamber of Engineers and the Association of Inspection Engineers for Structural Analysis as a member of the technical committee of Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg states and the technical coordination committee of the federal association.

Dr. Falk Lüddecke

Managing partner of Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH; approved as structural engineering inspector; active in civil engineering planning since 2002.

Full vita

Dr Lüddecke completed his studies at the TU Dresden at the Faculty of Civil Engineering with a diploma. During the subsequent doctorate in upgrading existing steel bridges, Dr Lüddecke gained further knowledge in fracture mechanics and the fatigue behaviour of steel components. In addition, he completed his certificate as a welding engineer. During the doctoral period, which was completed in 2006, and afterwards, Dr Lüddecke gained further knowledge in engineering construction. From 2006 to 2009, Dr Lüddecke joined a well-known engineering office in Berlin and also worked at the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) for the German authorities  as reviewer of the structural design of various offshore wind farms submitted for approval. 
In 2009, Dr Lüddecke moved to Bremerhaven to the engineering office tkb. GmbH, which is active in the planning of substructures for offshore wind turbines. Here, Dr Lüddecke built up the structural department and became managing director of the tkb GmbH in 2010. 
In the course of further development, Dr Lüddecke joined Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann as managing partner in 2014. In 2016, Dr Lüddecke was appointed inspection engineer for structural engineering (concrete and steel construction). Dr Lüddecke is involved in various  working groups for the German offshore wind standard DIN 18088 and in updating existing standards of the German authorities.

Frank Heitmann

After completing his technical apprenticeship, Mr Heitmann began studying civil engineering and graduated in 2007. In parallel to his first job in a Berlin engineering office, he took a further postgraduate course to deepen his knowledge at the HTW Dresden and graduated in 2010.

Full vita

With the subsequent training to become a welding engineer and the professional change in 2011, he specialized in the development of offshore renewable energy . Since then, his focus has been on the designand technical management and execution of offshore substation projects. Mr Heitmann is a factual strategist and quick decision-maker. Recognizing complex relationships, dividing them up in an editable manner and delegating them sensibly are among his most important talents. joined Jörss-Blunck-Ordemann GmbH in 2014. In 2018 he received individual power of attorney for our company.

Walid Al Otaibi

Mr Al Otaibi, born in Kuwait, started his studies in civil engineering in structural engineering in 2005 at the University of Kassel. During various stays abroad, he was able to gain his first experience in the planning and construction of large engineering structures. He was involved in constructing several hundred-meter-high skyscrapers in various megacities on the Persian Gulf.

Full vita

Since entering the offshore industry in 2011, he has been involved in designing, dimensioning and constructing substructures in the offshore wind sector. In the meantime, his field of activity has extended to Southeast Asia. With his multicultural background, he is considered a natural communication talent. This means that he acts as a link to our customers on an international level. He joined Jörss-Blunck-Ordemann GmbH in 2014. Meanwhile, he occupies the role of Director Offshore and in 2018, he received individual power of attorney for our company.

Company history


– 1963

Founding of the engineering office "Jörss +
Blunck" by Horst Jörß and Hans Blunck

Appointment of Mr. Jörß as exam engineer for structural analysis in the fields of solid construction, steel construction and timber construction
new work area: inspection of construction objects

The office moves to Isestraße

1972 –
Exam Engineer

– 1987

Entry of the current owner
Horst-Ulrich Ordemann

Horst-Ulrich Ordemann becomes a partner
new name: Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann

1990 –
Company name

– 1993
Exam Engineer

Mr. Ordemann also becomes a exam engineer for structural engineering
in the fields of solid construction and steel construction

Mr. Jörß and Mr. Blunk are leaving the company
Mr. Ordemann is initially the sole owner

2002/2012 –

– 2014

Entry of Dr.-Ing. Falk Lüddecke joined the company
as co-owner and managing director

Opening of the new office in Berlin

2015 –

– 2016

Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH is a certifier and
test expert according to BSH standard construction for
Offshore wind structures recognized

Mr. Lüddecke becomes the exam engineer for
Structural engineering for solid construction and
Steel construction appointed

2016 –
Exam engineer

– 2017

Opening of the new office in Osnabrück

Appointment of two authorized signatories -
Walid Al Otaibi and Frank Heitmann

2018 –
Authorized signatories

2019 –
Location manager Berlin

Appointment of location manager for the Berlin office
Dschingis Amin

The Hamburg office moves to Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße

2019 –

– 2022

New location in Leer, formerly OWT Wind Technologie

The Berlin office moves to Katharinenstraße 12

2023 –

With the strong roots in Hamburg, Germany is the
Jörss-Blunck-Ordemann GmbH now active worldwide.

Guiding principles



We see it as our top priority to offer competent consulting and engineering services on the market and to provide them with the highest possible quality. All activities are subordinate to this goal.


Looking to the future, we also see our duty in the sustainability of our actions and actions. Our office is therefore particularly active in the field of renewable energies.

Customer satisfaction

The highest possible quality means, first and foremost, error-free advisory and technical services that comply with the rules of technology, state-of-the-art or, if necessary, state of scientific knowledge. We want to achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction and win our customers for long-term cooperation.

Cooperation and openness

Compliance with ethical and moral values determines our actions in the provision of our services. We strive for a high degree of partnership, cooperation and openness in relationships with our business partners and employees and can expect them to behave accordingly. From our point of view, mutual respect and fairness are the basis for fulfilling the tasks ahead.